Welcome to New Brunswick's best car wash and auto detailing team!

ThruShine is an automotive service company specializing in vehicle-detailing services for the past (25) twenty-five years. We are located at 2037 St. Peter Ave. in Bathurst, New Brunswick.

We offer complete car washing, detailing, buffing and paint protection services, as well as automotive tinted security film installation services. We also sell and install various accessories for cars, trucks and trailers.

Vehicles deserve TLC too!

Professional and friendly are parts of ThruShine's longtime policy.  We always put the customer first to exceed your expectations.

We understand that this is more than just a vehicle to you. It's an expression of your personal style. It's how you take your children to school, cat and/or dog to the vet or park, and get to your job or business. It's your ride to summer and winter getaways with friends and family. It's your work tool. It's where you drive your career and build memories.

Something that important deserves to be treated with care and respect. At ThruShine, you and your vehicle always come first. We just wouldn't have it any other way.


We value your time and the importance of your vehicle, which is why we believe in always putting you and your vehicle first. ThruShine’s team of dedicated professionals will always treat your vehicle with the greatest care, and we are committed to always providing you with cutting-edge solutions entirely suited to your needs.

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