Visibility is very important to a driver so to see clearly and stay safe, headlights in good working order is a priority! After a few years, the headlights of even the best cars and trucks can become less than optimal for driving at night. At ThruShine, we'll restore your headlights to a brand-new condition giving your better visibility and keep you safe. 

Prices start at $79.99 a pair.  Call us today for an appointment!

The benefits of headlight restoration

Having your headlights restored is not only helps the overall look of your vehicle, but it also increases your safety. So, what will a headlight restoration do for your ride?

- Removes scratches

- Restores cloudy, dull lenses

- Help maintain the value of your vehicle

- Maintain lighting functionality and performance

- Increase visibility

- Increase safety

- Save you money compared to buying a new headlight

- Enables you to keep the original headlights

These benefits show how important and cost-efficient headlight restoration can be. Don't wait too long before your headlights worsen and a restoration-isn't possible. Having this type of service done keeps your vehicle looking great. To learn more about it can do for you, please call us today!  506-548-8799